Challenge! Digital Darkroom Derby #57 : Winner announced!

Irene McC

Start Date
Aug 1, 2022
End Date
Aug 8, 2022
Start Date: 01 August 2022
End Date: 08 August 2022

This is Digital Darkroom Derby #57, a digital image editing/processing challenge.

Please read the rules here Short version: Host provides the challenge image and selects the winner, who then becomes the next host.

This is the NG Kerk at Piketberg, Western Cape, South Africa (inaugurated in 1836) - my picture was taken on a trip in 2016

The links to the jpg and NEF raw file can be found here:

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Entry 1

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Opened in Photolab 4, applied lens corrections and Deep Prime NR, exported to Lightroom.

In Lightroom, used a Presetpro Kodak LUT, set white and black points, highlights/shadows. Desaturated the greens. Used calibration to shift the reds to make the bricks 'redder'. Selected the sly and desaturated and darkened it a little. Used the transform tool in guided mode to straighten the church. Added a vignette.

In Photoshop, used the free transform tool to squash the image (straightening in Lightroom often results in buildings that look ridiculously tall), then used Greg Benz's sharpener pro to make a mat without any sharpening.

Edit. Did some gardening.
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