Challenge! Digital Darkroom Derby #66 (Closed, results posted)


Brisbane QLD Australia
Larry Griffiths
Wow! I wasn't expecting so many good and interesting entries. I also had a really great time looking through the "non-entries".

The judgement of a challenge of this type is always going to be subjective. - I took that photograph. I remember why I took that photograph........ What impressed me...... What the light levels were.... What stood out..... What the camera settings were and why......

The stern of a friend's boat cruising the waterways of the Gold Coast was never going to be an ideal platform for taking low light shots of buildings. The settings were always going to be an imperfect compromise. - Aperture wide open while keeping the shutter speed as fast as possible in poor light was going to require a high ISO. This would introduce increasing amounts of noise. How much was acceptable? I was never really happy with pushing the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk II above ISO 3200 and so a shutter speed of 1/8 sec was the result. I am surprised that there was so little motion blur. The IS of both the 12-100mm f/4 IS PRO lens and the camera body must have been working really close to their limits.

From the Digital Darkroom point of view, noise reduction was always going to be the first challenge for me.

Let me say up front that the darker interpretations were closer to how I remember the night, but with the lights standing out clearly. This photograph was taken looking in a direction just south of east and so and residual light from the setting sun would have been behind my back.

IMHO I don't think that this photograph lent itself to a black and white conversion. @Zeus1 , I would have liked to see your interpretation in colour.

Looking at @BosseBe 's entry #1, I am convinced that a 16:9 crop is the best, although I used 3:2 for my own final version.

All of which left me with scratching my scalp and trying to decide between @Taneli , @Peano , @Stiga #1, @betamax #1, @BosseBe #1, @gecko #1 and @WhidbeyLVR , which were all great interpretations.

Then I looked at light levels, contrast, noise treatment and sharpness and came up with @Taneli , @Stiga , @BosseBe.

In the final analysis, my choices were:

-> Second runner-up: @Taneli
-> First runner-up: @Stiga
-> Winner: @BosseBe . (While flicking backwards and forwards through the images, I just kept coming back to your #1 entry).

@BosseBe , over to you now.