Challenge! Digital Darkroom Derby #67 - Closed, Winner announced


Thank you all for participating, good job all of you.

As usual I have used XnView MP for judging, going through the pictures and giving points to the ones that goes to the next level in each round. (There is a tool to show only pictures with a rating that is equal or above a certain point, I use this to cull the pictures with lower ratings, so I get fewer pictures in each round.)
So I ended up with 3 entries in the end (Surprise!) and just looked at them again and again for a while until I had decided the order.

So here are the results from the Swedish jury:
2nd Runner up: @griffljg #1, like the crop and the colors, the sky has life in it.
1st Runner up: @Herbert Hound #1, same comments as to Larry above, but a little darker which I like.
Winner: @Taneli #2, A different crop but I like it and I also like the colors and the sky, this is a little cooler and that works for me.

So @Taneli, Daniel your up next!
Wow! Tack Bosse! What a surprise on friday evening! Thanks for this! I will find some nic pic for you all to fix this weekend :)
@BosseBe 🥰 (nu blir det svinigt spännande!)
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