Challenge! Digital Darkroom Derby #78-Winners Announced


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West Yorkshire
Entry #2
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Irene McC

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Thank you for all entries - I've been deliberating long and hard :)

First of all, I will discount the B&W versions since I think part of the challenge was to get to grips with the white balance.
That being said, of the B&Ws @kae1's version is very nice and closest to the way I would have processed it

Now to the colour

I really like @Herbert Hound 's desaturated version - certainly one of the runners up
Next runner up @WhidbeyLVR - just a little on the darkish side, maybe, but a strong effort
First runner up @RobD although I was a bit sad to see the top cropped away, but I like the look of it

Winner of this challenge : @griffljg 's first entry - that's probably closest to the way I remember it looking
Over to you @griffljg and congratulations

Well done to all


Lota, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Larry Griffiths
Thank you @Irene McC , I wasn't expecting that.

I have a horrible memory and one of the major reasons for my taking (and editing) photos is to remind me of places I have been and things that I have seen. That means that my photos should reflect how I remember them looking at the time I took them. This usually leaves my photos and edits looking a bit boring to most people, regardless of whether I like them or not. I sort of guessed what the scene must have looked like to you.

It's now way past my bed-time and I am off to push up some ZZZZZZs. I'll take a look for a photo for a challenge when I wake up tomorrow.