Challenge! Digital Darkroom Derby #91 - Closed - Winner announced!


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Illawarra, NSW, AU
Start Date
Jan 13, 2023
End Date
Jan 17, 2023
This is Digital Darkroom Derby #91, a digital image editing/processing challenge.
Please read the rules here. Short version: Host provides the challenge image and selects the winner, who then becomes the next host.

This is an image of one of the smaller cascades at the top of Fairy Bower Falls in Morton NP, requiring your PP expertise.
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Jpeg, ORF and (in case your PP software doesn't yet support the OM-5) DNG files are here: DDD91

Competition closes 5pm Tuesday local time (+11 hrs UTC).

Hope you have fun with this one!

Lota, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Larry Griffiths
Entry #1:

Ran raw through DxO PureRAW and then imported resulting DNG file into Capture One Pro. Thought it would look better in a portrait orientation and so cropped it accordingly. Then played around with balancing exposure, highlight recovery and shadow recovery.

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@ektar No, participate!
Okay, fine... ;) Truth is, I like the original; just adjusting exposure leaves a nice image.

Like @Herbert Hound, I went tighter, and pulled the water in as my white point. I cropped the falls to left of center and eliminated the fallen tree to the right. Brought in shadows just enough to suggest what was there, desaturated the greens a bit, then some vignetting, and selected the water for a little glow.

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