Challenge! Digital Darkroom Derby #91 - Closed - Winner announced!


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Illawarra, NSW, AU
Challenge is now closed. Lots of entries very close to each other, all very good, though all with a slight twist. Thank you to everyone that took part!

When I took this photo I hadn’t realised the CPL was fogged up. I tend to put it on an off from my top shirt pocket and should have known it would get fogged up. So I discounted entries that didn’t correct for that (top LH corner). The log at the foreground was my next target. It distracted from the overall image, but the leaves just above it I liked. So, Richargd’s #1 entry takes this challenge cropping out the fog, removing much of the distracting ground above the water, capturing the falls and giving some headroom to the leaves by PPing a portion of the log away. I also like the warmness and solid saturation of the image.

Bo is runner up. I like how the ground above the waterfall in entry 2 is toned down so that it’s at the same brightness as the rest of the image while having natural colours, with Nigel’s portrait crop at #3.

So, it’s back to you @RichardC!