Challenge! Digital Darkroom Derby #92 - Winners Announced


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Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, UK.
Start Date
Jan 17, 2023
End Date
Jan 20, 2023
This is Digital Darkroom Derby #92, a digital image editing/processing challenge.
Please read the rules here. Short version: Host provides the challenge image and selects the winner, who then becomes the next host.

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There is an opportunity to try an HDR.

5 JPEG files are here: JPEGS

5 RAW files are here: RAWS

These were handheld, so depending on your software, don't forget to align the images if you go down the HDR route.

Enjoy :)

Herbert Hound

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The Welsh Borders
Entry #1. Cropped to get rid of the "FOO", various masks to bring down some distracting highlights and a preset to leave the shade in place. It looks like such a bright day that the shade would be dense and just lit from reflections off the building opposite. Cloned out the TV ariel and a border in PS.

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Lota, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Larry Griffiths
Entry #1:

Import the five raw files in to Capture One Pro 23 and performed an HDR Merge with default settings. Then did a bit of keystone correction, before a bit of further HDR correction (shadow recovery, highlight recovery), slightly increased the contrast and then pushed up the saturation a bit.

_1011488_HDR 1.jpg
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