Challenge! Digital Derby #106 - Closed - Winners Announced.

Thank you all for the various interpretations of Brimham Rocks. A great number of rock formations at this location and the two of us found it difficult to capture everything how we wanted it - the early morning light wasn't too kind. Nevertheless - there's some good stuff here.
My 2nd reserve goes to BosseB with the colour version. The rocks are really well brought out but the sky was quite dark and grey and I felt the blue didn't match.
1st reserve is Betamax. Again, cracking detail in the rocks but still blue in the sky.
My winner is griffljg - again, great foreground but this time the sky is a lot nearer to the conditions I had. Well done Larry, over to you.

Here's my 5 shot merged image :-
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Thanks Nigel. Your processing of the image was close to what I imagined the conditions actually were. But my masking techniques weren't ideal and, if you look closely, you'll see some "bleeding".

I'll go and look through my archives for another "challenge-worthy" image and post something later today.