Digital Photo frames


Code Monkey 🐒
Nov 3, 2018
Pennsylvania, USA
Surprisingly we don't have a lot of threads here at Cameraderie dealing with photo frames. 🤔

On the topic of digital photo frames I'm waiting for the Google Nest Hub Max to hit the streets. I'm using a Google Home Mini at the moment in the living room and had been thinking of a Google Home Hub for the longest time but decided to just wait it out for the Hub Max instead with its larger screen. The Hub Max is a 10" 1280x800 150ppi screen; not necessarily something I'd be looking at as a dedicated digital "photo frame" but as a replacement to my existing Home Mini (which will be moved to another room) it seems like a good replacement especially since it'll also include a cam that I can use to watch the 'fuzzy dogs' during the day.

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