Leica Dirty lens .....


Sunny Frimley
This is probably a question for Brian . My 50mm Summilux has looks a bit grubby. Have tried simple cleaning but I wonder if it needs to be sent back to Leica for a thorough clean? I can only see all these blobs when the light shines straight through it and I can remove them in post.

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Might it look like internal reflection, from the edges of the lenses where the black covering has let loose> I think this because the ring it is so regular. Merely a fat fingerprint on a lens or filter shows off differently.
At Leica they will clean and repaint it, and in the meanwhile ensure the alignment is 100% again.


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Can you post a flashlight test of the lens?

Lens caps off, set safely on a table, flashlight through the front of the lens and photograph so you can see the interior elements.

How old is the lens?


A shot like this to show the internals.


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You could easily take a picture of the sky to make sure it isn't dirt on the sensor. Do the same 'clods' show up when the lens is used on other bodies?