disabling Lightoom opening every time I put in a memory card (HELP!)


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OK.....I should have asked this a LONG time ago. But ever since I got Lightroom (Was it this year?) I have not been ready to dive into the deep end and use it for everything. I don't want it to manage my library. I have a system that works for me.

So everytime I put a memory card in it opens up automatically. I have to wait for that, and then I close it and it asks if I want to back up my library and I say no and it's kind of a hassle. And I have to do it nearly every day....sometimes more than once.

I just checked under the Preferences Tab in Lightroom and no option for it. I am using a Windows computer if that helps you computer whiz kids help me. I'd love to just open it manually when I feel like editing an image.


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Bruce J. Pritchard
Got it, sounds like a Windows preference with file association. You may have to ask someone more familiar with Windows to find out where your "this file opens with" associations are and select, do nothing. Or specify a different program...
Thanks Bruce.....I had looked at that and thought to myself.......I want more than just no showing the import dialog, I don't even want it to open.

That took care of it.