Do we need a Photo-a-Month Challenge as well.


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Bill Shinnick
Some time ago there was a request for a place to post a photo a month. Since then we have seen the Weekly Challenge established and more recently The Image Quest. The WC has a contest feel to it with no discussion and the IQ is technique and style based.

Is there still a need for a slower paced thread? It could encourage comment and critique but without the contest of a WC or the rigour of an IQ.

The poll attached is to gauge interest. It is multiple choice and is private.

Please post your thoughts and comments as well and we also need a name for this proposed activity.


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I'd be up for it and would certainly combine Streetshooter's Image Quest in the back of my mind while being involved in this one, too. My first thought was - oh no, I'm not sure...but then I realized, I'm taking pictures anyway and if these different things get me to think differently, then I'm up for all of them.


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Bill, it looks like you have your work cut out for you......
I'm unclear about the 1 vrs 2 a month. I guess it's your call. The Admin team is behind you 100%.