Do you still have a DSLR?


Jul 8, 2010
:eek: I'm contemplating selling my Olympus DSLR. Not much use anymore, big, heavy.

Spoiled by lightweight serious compacts.

Did you finally let go of your DSLR? If not, why keep it? For you, where does it work where a serious compact does not?

Not going anywhere yet, but maybe, maybe...


Sep 12, 2011
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jim Krivitz
I've been struggling with this question myself. Yes, I still have a Nikon D700 and several high-end lenses, both zooms and primes. But I have to say I enjoy much more shooting my E-P3 with Oly 12mm, Panny 20, Panny/Leica 25, and Oly 45. I've also been enjoying my NEX-5N with kit 18-55 and 55-210 (Zeiss 24 and Sony 50 on order). So at this point, the "fun factor" is what's important. I'm not sure I can approach the D700's IQ yet, though the E-P3 and new primes come pretty close if I don't do any major cropping or large scale printing. I guess my reluctance to let go is part sentimental and part fear of losing on my investment (though quality gear should hold its value fairly well). I'm just having a hard time pulling the plug. Maybe Fuji's upcoming system will convince me that the heavy DSLR is on the way out (though deep-down, I guess I know that already, with the possible exception of certain specialized professionals).


Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
I still have my K-5 and 6 lenses, but I've been questioning my need for it ever since first coming to this forum. 3 zooms and 3 primes. I guess the weather sealing is good, dont have that with any other cameras... and I do love my pentax primes. But... I rarely get them out.


Jul 8, 2010
The GXR and X100 are just so much more fun to use. Contrary to some conventional wisdom, I actually find the image quality on these two cameras at the very least the equal of the K5 using the Pentax 31, 43, and 77. The GXR is one heck of a camera.
I agree... fun! The E5 is not "fun". The X100 and GXR are, in general, better than the E5, but the E5 is much more flexible. And I use it almost exclusively with the 14-35mm f2 lens which is simply an amazing lens, and really the main reason I keep the E5.


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Dec 24, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
I still shoot with DSLRs because I like to shoot with Canon cameras. I like the way they operate, I like the output, and I don't feel it is redundant to operate them alongside my m4/3 gear. However, as it stands I don't really intend to invest any more money into newer SLR gear, and I do intend to reduce the amount of SLR gear that I have. If Canon ever go down the APS-C mirrorless route I'd probably migrate my Canon gear in that direction and leave SLRs behind. Canon isn't really known for super-compact gear amongst SLRs, and I think there is room for an intermediate sized system to fit between m4/3 and SLRs, as long as the body size is appropriate for the lenses. I feel that an xx0D/Rebel sized body with smaller and lighter lenses would be just right for size/weight/ergonomics.


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Jan 21, 2011
Houston, TX
Canon 40D still comes out on special occasions, like my grandson's first birthday. Chance that a printable portrait would result made me nervous about using the G3 or G2; 45/1.8 hadn't been received yet.


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Aug 15, 2011
South Australia
I have just bought another DSLR for special occasions, as much as I love my X100 and the XZ-1 I still need the capabilities of the bigger camera for weddings and such.


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Jul 9, 2010
Caguas, Puerto Rico
I have two Canon bodies and 5 lenses. I use them whenever I need to use flash and when taking photographs for other people (non-personal use). Otherwise, they don't leave the house.


Aug 30, 2010
I do quite a lot of professional architectural shots and keep my Canon 5D for that. Getting tempted to trade it and its lenses in for a GXR A12 mount though. Then I remember that my son is planning to do a degree course in photography and would find the 5D very useful. Same goes for my old Hasselblad.
I got my Nikon D90 second-hand after I bought my Olympus E-P1.

My mainstay remains the Nikon D90 for the serious stuff (night-time, pre-dawn and difficult lighting) and the Olympus E-P3 for the take anyware and fun stuff. There will be a Nikon D7000 to replace the D90 in a year or two, again, probably second-hand from the same sort of source as the D90.

Steve Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY
I have just moved back to DSLR (E-520 with 14-54). I did it to get my daughter into m4/3 (pany G1). I was thinking to sell it to get another m4/3. But now not too sure. In fact just bought E-420 and 25mm pancake. Be here in a few days. I think I may try the E-620 for the flip screen. Oh, I will probably get another m4/3 eventually. Very handy size. But for now the 4/3 has some very good equipment, that just gets more affordable all the time. And yes the Quality is great.


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Steve, my daughter has an Olympus E620, thanks to a birthday/Christmas/graduation gift from us..and I've been very pleased with the image quality...and have to say I love that flip screen.:wink:

I'm interested too, flysurfer.:biggrin:


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Sep 28, 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria
Still have my old Sony A200. Still using it regularly. Even though it is four years old (nearly) it is still faster and more responsive than any CSC or compact. I also like the solidity and stability of an SLR at times. I also have a small collection of good lenses for the A-Mount which are far better than anything available for E-Mount and (imho) any other CSC. I also like having a 'proper' viewfinder.

I have no intention of getting rid of it except at some point to upgrade it. I'll probably give Sony six months to iron out and fine tune the A77 then buy one of those. I had the opportunity to play with one while in Hong Kong and was hugely impressed.

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