Sony does anyone know how to take macro shots on the nex3?


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I'm having trouble taking macro shots on this camera. I've tried using both lens but the autofocus and manual focus just never can focus in on it.

I even used the 19mm prime lens to try and focus on my detached 18-55mm lens and it couldn't even focus on it. Any suggestions?

Getting really frustrated :(


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I'm using a NEX-3 for macros and am learning as I go - I've posted a few macros on the site.

If you are trying to take macros with the kit lens then the minimum focusing distance is 9.8" or .25m. Based on a review, it states that the lens will capture an area of 3" x 2".

For "truer" macro photography, you'll want to go in closer than ten inches. There are no native NEX lenses that will go closer so I went the legacy lens route.

First, I used an extension tube with a Canon 50mm - focal plane is only a few millimeters and focussing ultimately done by moving the camera back and forth rather than with focus ring. Lots of work but fun nevertheless.

Next, I bought a true macro lens - Nikon 60mm Micro f2.8 - I can get as close as 2 to 3 inches without an extension tube. This allowed me to go outdoors for some macro shots. There are different focal lengths and depending on what you want to shoot you may want a longer focal length.

This response is the abbreviated path I've taken there's a lot more to consider but if you have any other questions, let me know.
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if you can get or have an adapter for Canon EOS or Nikon mounts you should look into the Sigma 50mm f/2.8 macro lens. It has a built in extension tube that "zooms" and allows you to get so close to flowers that you get pollen on your front glass.

I use one on my Canon DSLRs and find it a bit wide sometimes but that would make it perfect on the nex


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Unlike pocket cameras which have a "macro" function, with interchangeable lenses, you have to have a lens specifically designated as "macro."

In the case of NEX, Sony has not yet released a Macro lens, so you'll need to buy a third party, manual focus one, and an adapter. One recommendation might be an Olympus OM 50mm 2.5 macro with OM to NEX adapter. Should cost total less than $150, and maybe even less than $100 (get the adapter on eBay -- RainbowImaging sells a good one, and get the lens off eBay or other used locations like You'll have to operate focus and aperture manually.

Wally and Summerkl have other useful information.