DOF gurus, please help!


Aug 18, 2011
Zemun, Serbia
Thanks for the additional samples, Covey22!

rbelyell, I guess that the image of future of Samsung NX system depends largely on the part of the world one lives in. I've read many complaints from USA based people how NX is non-existent or invisible (and thus it will (and shall) die soon). On the other hand, just yesterday I passed by a giant billboard promoting NX300 here in downtown Belgrade. And a few years ago, when NX100 was launched, it was the first prize in the photography competition co-launched between Samsung and well know photo magazine here. On the other hand, there's no sight of Ricoh or Fuji X series here :-(

Maybe Samsung is deliberately downplaying USA market, to avoid hand-to-hand combat with C&N, while establishing itself at home and Europe? I've read it marches pretty well in Asia.

As for getting X100 via E-bay, there is a possibility, but I had the worst experience with our customs when I bought my laptop that way. I had to do it, as I needed it for my work and the Wacom enabled models could not be found here neither. But I fear it would cost too much. PayPal only started here a couple of month ago, we are still in infancy stage :-(


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Sep 9, 2011
Cumbria UK
In this case, more DoF is better. Nikon V1 + 30-110 ED VR. A little lens with a lot of reach.

More dof is handy now and again. It's a good case for keeping the 1 system going. There is a place in digital photography for this size of sensor. Problem is, it's mostly just the owners of these cameras who think so.

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