Dogs Dogs (part II)

all with the X10




As a confirmed dog lover this will always be one of my most favorite threads. Thank you everyone - it's so great to see not just the different dogs we all know but the different styles of shooting as well as the different ways everyone has chosen to post process or not PP.
Yeah - she's a Standard. I told my ex: "Calypso offers more unbiased affection than you ever did." She wasn't amused. Calypso gets beautified every 6-8 weeks. Wish she had a job so she could pay for it. :)
I hear you about the unbiased affection. There's a very funny video going around that shows the difference between cats and dogs to their "owners"...but the cat and dog are played by humans.

Calypso deserves her beauty days!:2thumbs: We have a Shetland Sheepdog...I never used to have my Shelties groomed, I did it pretty well by myself...but I have either gotten lazy or this one of ours just has more fur!