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Oh the heck with it, Mud puddles yaaay
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My daughter really wanted a dog for her birthday, but it's hard to find dogs right now since everyone is looking for companions during the pandemic! Los Angeles banned the sale of puppies, so you either have to buy a dog direct from a licensed breeder or adopt from the dog pound. We put our name down for over two dozen dogs and finally was listed as 3rd for this terrier mutt. I guess the other two passed on him, because he looked really scroungy and wasn't very friendly! I don't think the shelter wanted him either, they waived all the associated fees for adoption and just gave him to us for free! :oops: We brought him home, cleaned him up, gave him a haircut and fed him quality food/treats. So far he's filling up nicely and seems to be in very good spirits!

I had a hard time trimming around the face, so I let him keep his scruff! :D

Shot with the Sony A9 + Samyang 35mm f/1.4 FE:

Katsu the Dog
by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr
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I stand corrected(by Gabe). She's closer to 18 than 19.
Thought #2 son(Jake) was already 18 but that won't be until Feb 21. Oops.

I think her success is attributed to all the love and care from my wife.
I often joke that her household status is higher than mine.
I think that joke's on me.

I'm liking it a lot.
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