Dogs Dogs (part II)

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There's no other way, this winter is going to be quite a few more baths from walking through the mud. She is completely dried after her bath and all cuddle up in her favourite T-Shirt and on my lap to stay warm. But that doesn't stop her from giving me puppy eyes though she doesn't understand that it's not punishment but necessity. She refuses to wear doggy socks (so they ended up as Xmas tree decoration of all things) and even though she wears her Xmas sweater and her raincoat it's not enough, she just finds mud and enjoys it like a little piglet.
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It always breaks my heart when I have to go to work and she gets all excited, every time I have to tell her I'm going to work she tilts her head when I say the word work.
It happens only when I have a late shift and I go to work around middle of the day, I'm guess for morning and all day shifts it's to early for her to get excited at 07:00 though she still gives me puppy eyes. (And for some reason she really doesn't like cameras pointed at her, just like me, so it makes it really hard to get her reactions sometimes.)
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