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by bartjeej, on Flickr

Local Belgian Shepherd - well trained - decided that I looked like dinner, and that he didn't need to pay attention to his owner trying to stop him. Bit my arm and my torso, tried to bite my face. Third time in my life that I've been bitten by dogs - and no, I didn't provoke any of them them. Some dogs - usually big ones - just don't like me. I've pretty much had it with them... next dog that tries to bite me will be offered a tasty bite of my forearm, only to find my other hand putting a knife in its throat :)

PS I've had lots of pleasurable encounters with incredibly sweet and joyful dogs, and I'd love to own a dog, but by now, I've sort of lost my trust in the species, and the agressive / protective breeds in particular. On each of the three occasions that I've been bitten, the owners said that their dog is always well-behaved and never does such a thing...
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