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For those of you who don't need that 100MP sensor in the Fuji GFX 100, here's the GFX 50S with the battery grip. I really like how the shutter release can't even make it over to the end of the camera. Yet, knowing Fuji, it probably feels great in the hands.
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If I were rich, I would buy two as well. And I would mount them to some crazy rig so that I could make some crazy high-res stereo images.

Of course, I would also need two of each lens for my crazy plan.
Oh, no -- that means we'd need to get *four* of them -- two for normal enormous stereo and two for enormous infrared stereo. Though it might be possible to get by on only two sets of lenses.

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Yup. $3999 at B&H. A grand more with a 63mm f/2.8 lens. That's brand new.

I've seen used 63mm lenses in the $500-600 USD range. Used GFX 50R bodies go for about $3500 USD. Get the Techart GFX to EF AF adapter which happens to work best with Sigma Art primes (designed to have a big image circle). You can get a pretty nice portrait setup this way.

Mirrorless for me is all about adapting!

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