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Completed DP 1X and DP 2X

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Taylor, Texas
DP 1X and DP 2X
Sigma hoods for both
OVF's for both
Sigma branded flash
2 extra batteries
Sigma AML-1 Close Up Lens (I can't find the little faux leather case for it but I may have something that will work)
Original lens caps, plus I added two multi coated clear filters and Lumix snap on caps. That way you can just leave the hoods on.
I also have this doohickey thing that fits in the hot shoe that allows you to use a cable release. It looks like this although I didn't pay anywhere near this price for it:

JJC RN DP1 Custom Mechanical Cable Release Adapter for SIGMA DP1, DP2-in Camera Lens from Consumer Electronics on Aliexpress.com

$365 shipped ($375 if paying Paypal)

Accept checks or Paypal

Full refund if not satisfied.

I don't want to sell them separately so please don't ask. Thanks!!!


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