Sigma DP2M: How to get overexposure warning quickly?


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May 12, 2013
I am familiar with the DP2m's feature of showing blown out highlights in red when in review mode but it takes ages to switch the camera from capture mode to review mode

Is there any way to bring up the overexposure warning with the quick preview shot the camera throws up immediately after capture?

Or, are there any shortcuts for switching from capture mode to review mode?


Dec 3, 2011
chicago burbs
I'd like that feature also. From what i've seen it can't be done currently. The only way to prevent overexposure/blown highlights is thru the use of the histogram. Maybe sigma can address this in a firmware update. I emailed sigma with a request that this be done in the next firmware update. If everyone with a merrill requested it perhaps they would do it.

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