Micro 4/3 DPR Interview w/OMDS Mentions Computational Imaging


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Among the interesting things mentioned by this OMDS exec is computational imaging, in a way that's "new to the market." I have been thinking for a while now that the micro four thirds sensors should support more advanced computational imaging, since the sensor manages heat and fast image capture better than larger sensors in many cases.

The size of the Four Thirds sensor offers the possibility of fast readout speeds, which makes this format ideal for computational imaging. Conventionally, the evolution of hardware is an important factor for all cameras, but we believe that by utilizing the right hardware, and the right software together, via computational photography technologies, this will make the system more attractive to consumers and deliver shooting experiences that would otherwise not be possible, with hardware developments alone.

The handheld high-res shot mode in the E-M1 Mark III is one example, but we’re really going to continue to try to use these technologies to provide something new in the market.

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