Fuji DPreview on the new X10 sensor (quick orbs test)


Oh boy, will I now be able to pick up an orb plagued x10 for USD 200 in the used market? I wouldn't mind:) I'd simply regard the orb as a free art filter, unique to Fuji.


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It looks pretty good. I downloaded both images and did a side-by-side. Subjective, of course, but I can't really see a difference except for the lack of orbs. This will cost Fuji a pretty penny. I hope they learn from this. In the information age, obvious problems, no matter how apparently minor, will bite you.
I just hope those hysterical pixel-counters in the DPR Forums can finally find some peace, some Valiums, sleep at night, and go chicken-peck somebody else's camera to death. Bravo to Fuji for handling this in such an above-board manner. I'm sure as their response ramps up, they will make clear how and when to buy the upgraded version. I won't be sending mine back: I rarely see the things, they remind me of hot spots I'd get in film images back when lenses aren't what they are now, and honestly, mine's too good for me to risk changing it, and I really don't see me adding to Fuji's workload with the bereaved. . . . .
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