Sony DPRreview and Ted Forbes prediction for 2023: A9II, A7cII and Sony will kill the A7s line

This is really for all brands. It's separated into sections so easy to find Sony or whatever you want.

Interesting predictions are A9III with a 33MP? sensor, and an A7000 APS-C. There have been rumors that the 7000 would have a full-sized body. I think if they did that, it'd sell like hotcakes.



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I heard of a rumor that Sony was going to upgrade A7IV to A7IVa in 2023. A7IVa will have the same AI assisting AF-C (and the same processor I suppose) as the A7RV has now. Meanwhile the minor improvements include burst-rates and videography specs, but the 33MP CMOS will not be upgraded.
I like the A74 sensor very much. About the only complaint I have is the burst rate of 6fps when shooting in uncompressed or lossless compressed RAW. If they could get that up to 8 or 9 it’d be helpful. Although I guess I don’t know if the existing burst rate is limited by the sensor or purposely crippled so as not to infringe on the A9’s territory.