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Apr 2, 2018
Thanks René. I walked this street the other night and thought to myself, there's immense potential for wide-angle photography. Of course my UWA isn't f/1.4 so it wasn't immediately that I returned to the scene. Almost took a collapsible tripod with me but decided against it. These turned just fine hand-held...


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Dec 29, 2013
Super-grainy original, for once resized locally (to avoid forum compression ...) - nice effect, somehow ...

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The A7 II may not be the best camera for low light shooting in terms of the *amount* of noise (it certainly isn't - it's the "worst" FF camera I own, even the M 262 does better when it comes to chrominance noise; still, it's better at ISO 3200 than the Fuji X-E3, which in turn beats both the Sony A6000 and Canon G1X III), but the *type* of noise it produces makes for quite a good basis for gritty b&w conversions - pretty random distribution, not too much smearing or blotchy artifacts ... I'm not sure it's fully appreciable at a forum-compatible image size, but it's quite obvious in the original on my local screen at 100%.


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