Dramatic B&W images


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Some fun with zoom...


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Very interesting, Pierre! May I ask how you accomplished this? Perhaps long exposure and moving the zoom ring during it?
Merci! Exact: On a tripod, long exposure, and zooming in during exposure. It took many attemps to have this one. The subject was a bouquet of miscanthus in front of a window.


Blimey, driven past Muckross House so many times - I used to stay in Kenmare and have friends in Killarney. ? and Ann is a house decorator, well known around the area - he works for the Liebherr place. Motorcycle folks. My memory is terrible now. Love the tree in the middle of the ruins.


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Thanks - it was an awful day, we arrived in the middle of storm Brian and were looking for anything remotely under cover to photograph and the old cloisters seemed to fit the bill. We went to Ladies View just down the road and couldn't see a thing for the rain and mist.

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