Dress Rehearsals


Liverpool / UK
Went to a dress rehearsal in the college I work in... Gave me a chance to try out the LX5 at low light levels, so it was set to 1600 ISO for all shots... also had to find a shot, which the performing arts team could use for a poster to advertise the show around college...

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The original image... quite nice quality for hand held, 1600 ISO, with ambient light

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The Edited image... Oval select with 200px feather to edge and masked in black / Crop / B&W conversion / Heavy contrast adjust / Heavy darkening adjust / introduction of image noise / add text....


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Mal, you are so right that your first at an ISO of 1600 with available light looks great! That young woman's skin tones look beautiful in this size picture. Did you by chance print it in a larger size before your artistic license got going?

I do like the poster version and I'm sure they did, as well.:2thumbs: