Micro 4/3 DRP's Chris and Jordan name Olympus E-M1 MkII as the best choice in non 135 format cameras

Darmok N Jalad

There are FOUR lights!
They can be had for pretty cheap now, and they are well built camera bodies with a fair amount of capability left in them. The G9 is creeping down as well, though still usually around the $700 mark for an excellent condition model. The E-M1.2 can often be had for $600 or less. Pretty solid bargain, IMO. I'd throw in maybe the X-H1 and X-T2 as potential deals--I've considered both several times in recent months.

KEH for some reason sells the E-M1.3 for way less than other used shops. I've seen them for $800 or less recently.
I think at current prices it is a very tough choice on a used Em1 II or G9. Both are great cameras. After Chris and Jordan's review of the Gh6 and them totally missing how good of a still camera it is, I've lost a lot of respect for them. It does seem that even more than OM cameras, DPR consistently misses on the Panasonic reviews. If you are a documentary and stills imager nothing is better than a used Gh5 or Gh5II (which is also as good a stills camera as a G9 (which I have 2). It seems that all reviewers are now click baiters who have little understanding of actually using cameras in the field. This is even after DPR said the G9 was the best $1000 birding camera and the E-m1 II the best used camera.

Perhaps I'm a little biased also as I now have 4 Pany bodies which will last me a very long time. Until the G10 comes out (I suspect the Gh5 series will be the real hybrid camera for Panasonic as the Gh5II is a good a stills camera as the G9). I hope the holiday sales prices on the OM and Pany cameras hold as the new selling prices, for they are true bargains at these prices.