Dumb question about PayPal - from a PayPal noob!


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Sorry for the dumb questions. I have finally decided to sell off some of the gear for real! I've sold a couple of items in the past to BB and another buyer whose name I don't even remember! But I just took personal checks both times because BB is trustworthy and the other buyer is in Texas.

I figure that I can probably expand on the potential buyer list if I use PayPal. I do have a PayPal account, and have paid vendors using a credit card transaction via PayPal (Aki Asahi goodies). But that's about my extent of PayPal experience there.

But how does one set up the receipt of funds in PayPal? I've noticed that when people say they accept PayPal, there seems to be a couple of methods of accepting payment via PayPal, but one seems to be preferred over the other. What's that all about?

Anyone can help this noob out? Thanks!!


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Armando, a few issues. First off...if you sell on eBay, you might have to wait 3 weeks or so for your funds. This is not an issue off eBay.

If I bought your M9 for $200.00 and sent you PayPal... You would have to pay the fees.
If I sent the funds as a gift or personal, no fees.
Call me if you need more help.


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If I bought your M9 for $200.00 and sent you PayPal... You would have to pay the fees.

Some people don't like to do the gift thing...some will offer to pay the fees... Am I correct that when it comes to being paid by someone that it's a plus if they're "verified"?

P.S. Don is very knowledgeable and has helped me figure things out, Armando.