Micro 4/3 Dummy's questions on Panasonic GX1 - from a new user


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Hallo everyone,...

This is my first post here, quick intro. This is my first camera (I am 35 yrs old, believe it or not). Previous experience in cameras is just some borrowed outdated P&S cameras for travelling trips, and camera phones. So you can expect me to be the dumbest person in this forum.
And hope you can tolerate my silly questions.
I just bought Panasonic GX1 one month ago, and was overwhelmed and struggled to learn how to use it,...but I am abit better now,...
Main reason I bought it is to start snapping pictures of my 2 months old baby, and my wife for whatever reason just love the design of GX1 (and me too).
I understand the relationship between Aperture, ISO and shutter speeds through reading on nets and my own experiments.

I am not sure if I am in the right forum here, but the reason I am signing up this forum is to learn to be a proper photographer.
I am learning to crawl now, before I can learn to walk, and hopefully run.

I intend to post some of my experimental photos taken, and seek forumers' advise on the shots, to understand what is wrong with the photos, because I am really very keen to be a good photographer, I also intend to learn up Lightroom editing knowledge. I have surfing and reading on internet whenever I have free time, be it at home or at work.

So, can I post a new thread every now here and then with a photo to ask for opinions? I thought it is good idea to post in M43 section here, since it is visited by owners of M43 and Panny GX1, who shall know best about giving advice to me about what went wrong with my shooting.

Looking forward to your replies....Thanks,...cheers mate.


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Hello, and welcome!

There's a "Photo Critique" forum here that should be a good place for showing your photos and getting the help you need.

The good thing about your GX1 is that it's a "serious" camera that will grow with you and let you learn all you need to know about photography.



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Hi Rossi, welcome!
I'm sure you'll find lots of members willing to answer any questions you have, don't worry about them being silly or anything.

Should you ever want to get some comments on non-m43 specific questions about photos you took, you can post them in the photo critique forum:
Photo Critique
for some constructive criticism and advice.

Nice camera, by the way! :wink:


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Hi Rossi,

Welcome to the forum - a great place to learn & share and I would also endorse the suggestion of joining our sister site - Mu43 as there are lots of GX1 owners on there.

I have the GX1 and love it and it is a real step up in quality of build & image for the GF1 range (targetted as a GF1 replacement).


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Welcome aboard!! You are in the right place. We may not have many GX1 owners in this site (yet), but we do have tons and tons of friendly and knowledgeable photographers who are always willing to help.

Congrats on the baby!!!


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Hallo everyone,....thanks for the warm welcome...

You know,.....its good to find a place that can help me and offer knowledge.

Well,....it would be quite a while before I post my first image (I would need to look for software that can reduce the size of my photos first).

Right now,...my main priority is to understand the proper way of using the camera for different shooting conditions (outdoor daylight, indoor low light conditions, night time, in high exposure environments...etc.et.c)....whether I am focusing correctly, am i setting correct color temperature, setting correct aperture and so on...

Basically my intention is just for you guys to look at my shots and comment, if shooting is done correctly.

I will need to learn and understand all these basics first before I move on to "actual photography" with composition and creativity....

Thanks all once again.