DxO Colour Shift Under Mac Ventura

Gloucester, UK
I had a little piece of good news today. When updating DxO PL6 I saw the following in the 'What's New' details:

Known limitations​

  • Important: the Apple Neural Engine, under macOS Ventura, currently produces color shifts. We temporarily recommend using the GPU to avoid such issue. DxO is working with Apple on a fix.
I've no idea, of course, when exactly this might be fixed but it's good to know that DxO continue to openly acknowledge the problem. Can't come soon enough for me as I've earmarked over 1,000 RAW images for the DeepPRIME XD treatment. Using the GPU workaround, that's an extra 25 - 30 seconds per image = 7 - 8 hours. And I'm only half way through my LR catalog of 40K images.

Anyway, DxO are on the case.