Software DxO PL5 scroll images while in customise mode?


I'm currently trying out DxO PL5, and for the most part enjoying it, and believe I'm starting to get to grips with it.

One thing I liked in Lightroom, was the ability to cycle through the images while in develop mode. By that I mean I could apply any global changes, then while in develop mode, could view each image and make any individual tweaks if I needed or wanted to.

In PL5 I find I have to switch back to Library mode, then to Customise for each image. It may be simply a setting I am missing, or is it just not possible?

Hi Rose, glad you found it.
There was an update released today (v. 5.3.1) that, among other things, fixes an annoying time/date problem that has existed since version 5.2. It doesn't affect all files or all cameras so you may not have been impacted. I was (all of my files from one camera were exporting with 'date taken' changed to the date of the export in the EXIF data). I am very happy for the update and highly recommend it to everyone before continuing with any exports.