Fuji DXO use?


Jul 23, 2013
So there's a big sale on DXO software for a few more days, and I'm wondering if there are any happy users of it here? Or is it mostly a pile of added filters that never get used?

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Adam Bonn

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Jan 13, 2016
Adam Bonn
If you want to PP SOOC Fuji jpegs then DXO can be fun!

Don't laugh! There's enough people using VSCO presets in LR :D

They (DXO) sometimes give away previous versions of their SW or their film sims pack for free

Marshall Payne

New Member
Jan 16, 2016
Marshall Payne
Sad that DXO is not compatible with Fujifilm as the Prime noise reduction is second to none and in that regard easily out performs PS and LR.

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