Micro 4/3 E-M1 vs GX7 Raw file comparison.

Sep 8, 2010
London UK
I have the GX7 and am toying with the idea of replacing it with the E-M1. I have searched around the net and found that most reviews say the RAW files from both cameras are almost identical. If this is the case then I may as well keep the GX7. I love to edit RAW files so am interested to see if the files are really that close in the real world.

Thanks in advance.


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Jun 3, 2012
Melbourne. Australia
I have both and unless I can pick the shot because the focal length of the lens gives it away (I tend to keep the 75mm on the EM1 and the 12-35 on the GX7), I wouldn't be able to see any difference otherwise, they are simply that close. (I shoot RAW)

...both house the same new Panasonic sensor I believe.

I wouldn't replace one for the other unless I really needed one of the few features that sets them apart......weather sealing, great video etc.

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
I had both for awhile and I agree with Joe. As close to identical as one could imagine. There was a time I seriously preferred Olympus files - raws as much as JPEG. But that time has passed. If they're not using the same sensor, they might as well be.



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Dec 24, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
The biggest change that I found in the E-M1 compared to previous micro 4/3 bodies is that Olympus got the (raw) colours right this time around; no more dealing with the hue and saturation of sky blues amongst other things. In fact, if it wasn't for a slightly higher tendency to blow out reds, I could be mistaken for thinking that the colours from the E-M1 raw files came out of my NX300.
Sep 8, 2010
London UK
Thanks guys. Looks like you have saved me a ton of cash!!! :biggrin: Although the EVF is nicer in the E-M1 and it has 5 axis IBIS. I think the money would be better spent on decent glass!

Thanks again :)

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