Micro 4/3 E-m5.3 or e-m1.2??

Darmok N Jalad

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E-M5.3 is smaller and lighter, and has a few differences in specs, but has the same sensor as the E-M1.2. The E-M1.2 has more custom buttons and more battery life, but it is also all around larger. If you're looking for something to pair with primes and other light lenses, I'd say the E-M5. If you are shooting larger lenses that have a lot of OIS soaking up battery, the E-M1.2. Keep in mind a grip can be added to the E-M5 for better handling with large lenses, but it won't add to battery life. That said, the E-M5 batteries are tiny, so a few extras are not going to be hard to pack.
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The E-M5.3 is effectively an E-M1.2 "Lite". The E-M1.2 has a larger battery, two card slots and can take a grip with an additional battery. If these are important to you (and they are to me), then go with the E-M1.2. The E-M1.2 also feels nicer in my hands, but that is personal taste. If minimum size and weight are important to you, go with the E-M5.3.

The same applies when considering whether to go with the E-M1.3 or the OM-5.


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I upgraded my E-M5ii with an E-M1ii, and ended up using the E-M5ii far more even after I bought the E-M1ii as I preferred the E-M5ii form factor, particularly with the smaller primes and zooms. Since I had the E-m1ii the E-M5iii didn't offer enough of a temptation to me, till the OM-5 came along which finally let me retire my E-m5ii and E-M1ii as my light hiking kit.


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It sounds like you are thinking about a used camera, but just to add another thought to your quesiton, you might consider the new OM-5. It is basically a downsized E-M1.3, so you get most of the new features that were added to the E-M1.2 when the E-M1.3 came out. The OM-5 is the same price as the E-M5.3 when it came out ($1200), and you could probably get it somewhat cheaper in a few months (maybe for $1000, which is what the E-M5.3 was reduced to a few months after it came out). I do think that some of the added features are worthwhile.
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Bit late to this thread but here goes anyway. In order of what I’d do if starting out.

1. OM5 providing budget is not a constraint. Best of both worlds.

2. 5iii with spare batteries if you’re not fussed about the ‘only’ 30fps burst mode or not serious video (no headphone socket).

3. 1ii for feel, heft and far more shots per charge.

In an ideal world, I’d have both an OM5 and and 1iii but then I’m incurably hardware hungry.