Micro 4/3 E-P1 with 20mm f1.7 Pana lens

London UK
I think I may have found the perfect Micro 4/3 pairing. I finally got round to fitting the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens to my new Olimpus E-P1 and took a few test shots. I forgot how good these were together!! Better than the Gf1 with the 20mm...possibly just a tad but the camera for me is so much nicer to hold and look at. Even with the 20mm on the front it still looks uber retro! :dance4:

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Test shot:
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Nice one, just about to order an E-p1 as a 2nd body to use with my 20mm lens. The I.S, the great price, and tasty looks have all convinced me its a great combo :) BTW how are you finding the kit lens that comes with the pen? is it worth a few more £s to get the whole kit? Cheers
Can you snap a pic of it next to your s95?
I am really considering this set up with the 20mm lens. How are the manual controls? Have you tried it at manual focus using hyperfocal focusing?
Its not great for hyperfocal shooting just because there's no sort of distance scale anywhere. I guess that whole concept is difficult to pull off with interchangeable focus-by-wire lenses. You can do it only if you can find something to focus on that you know is at the correct distance for the f-stop you're using. And the best way to do it is to auto-focus after decoupling the focus from the shutter button. That way you won't accidentally knock it out of focus the next time you hit the shutter button. The problem with leaving it in manual focus is that anytime you even nudge the focus ring, its out of focus again and you have to get out the tape measure (or your very good eye) again. I just don't find m43 cameras great for hyperfocal shooting except with legacy lenses and I don't have any of those that are a good focal length for street work. But with the 20 or 17, they autofocus pretty well on the fly and I've found both lenses work pretty well for street shooting in AF mode. But I've come to like the LX5 more in any sort of decent light just because of the hyperfocal setup and the incredibly wide DOF.

I even happened to have a pic of an ep2 (pretty close to exact physical copy of the ep1 except slightly raised hot-shoe) next to an S90 on my Flickr stream. The lens is the 17, not the 20, but they're pretty close. The 20 is slightly larger than the one pictured.


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