Micro 4/3 E-PL1 or G2 or GH1(2) for still photography


Input appreciated on pros and cons of each of these for still photography:

  • E-PL1 - I hear it has the best IQ
  • G2
  • GH1(2) - I hear it has the best sensor and DR

I have the E-P2 but the flatness of it is really bugging me. Also, I appreciate built-in VFs.

I plan to use the Olympus 14-150 or Panasonic 14-140, and Panasonic 20mm and 14mm.

And though I say no video I'm sure I'll end up using it if it's available. It's just not the primary purpose of the camera.



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Andrew, I can only comment on the E-PL1 as compared to the E-P2 since I have had both. For me, the E-PL1 had "better" photos out of the camera. At the time I didn't have RAW capabilities and didn't even know the depth of what could be done with RAW... I feel I got great results with the E-PL1, though I also have some very good photos with the E-P2, if I do say so... If I'd kept the E-P2, I'm sure I would have mastered it...because I was just getting to when I sold the body and bought the E-PL1. The jpegs are very, very, very good and so is the RAW. I have many examples on Flickr. (Now I have neither!:eek: Don't use me as an example - I bought the Leica X1 and fell in love...sold the PEN stuff but I digress.)

I know many who miss having the built in viewfinder and that's why they've gone over to the G2...and or love their GH1 or may buy the GH2. I know that John (john1027) switched to the G2 having used the PENs, so he should be able to add in his feelings once he reads your thread. I know that Don switched to the GF1, too... You should get some good replies as the day and evening progress.


Thanks Wylie. Yes, I've read their commentary here. But I can always use more input :confused: I know a lot of people like the E-PL1 for its lesser AA filter. If the Panasonics had that too my choice would be easier!

I prefer my X1-like cameras for some purposes (Sigma DP2s and DP1s and Ricohs), but for all around use the mFT cameras are very useful and compelling.

One more thing to note... I will also be using a Zeiss 50/1.5 m-mount lens, but always at f/1.5 so IBIS is not necessarily a requirement for this. Manual focus feedback is more of a concern.


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Is noise a factor in your selection?

I don't have an answer, but a question you already may have considered. I'd like to update my Panasonic LX-1 and FZ8 with either an E-PL1, or a GF1 or 2. I've liked my Panasonics with the exception of noise, especially in low-light interiors. Do you know if your E-PL1 significantly reduces noise as compared with the Panasonics you mentioned?


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To an extent, you somewhat narrowed your choices by mentioning that you do not care for the flatness of the EP2. That points to the G series which would also give you the built in EVF you favor. I had an EPL1 and it does take very good jpegs OCC but the RAW images with just a little tweaking are just as good (imho) in the G2. The 14-140mm is a good solid performer but a bit heavy on some of the smaller cameras but does fit and balance nicely on the G series. If you have the funds and a little time, I would advise waiting for the GH2 which has the promise of a better processor and may be better in IQ overall. On the other hand, some folks like to buy one update or generation behind which certainly is a viable option also. Bottom line, you should be fine with any of these models performance-wise, and you just need to weight the features and pros and cons of each against your personal preferences.

There is a thread over at mu-43.com, as well as a wealth of other information on the models you have mentioned as potential choices.


Thanks John. I decided to sit tight for now, expecting that in the next few months Olympus will release their "G2." In the meantime I bought the Olympus 14-150mm lens which so far is very impressive. I can see that although some are disappointed in the E5 and plans for FTs Olympus is putting effort into their new market. I figured that a move to the G1/2 would be lateral and not necessarily an overall improvement. But the GH2 does look interesting and like the first of the second generation mFT cameras.

Oddly enough I did not know about mu-43.com. Lots of good stuff there!


Andrew I have the G series and the Pens .... All take great pictures .... the PL1 has the best OOC jpeg

However the new GH2 has the best sensor and less high ISO noise of all m43 bodies and the form factor is kinda DSLR with EVF which is ideal for long zoom lenses

The EVF on a Pen does not have the same rigid integrity as a fixed EVF ala G1/2/GH2

Having said that I use the Pen (E-P2 / PL1) with 45-200 and 14-150 Pany lenses quite happily

For small lenses I prefer the Pen form factor


Thanks Boyzo. All of this is helpful. It is rare that I shoot long and the Olympus 14-150mm seems reasonable to handle on the E-P2. I tend to prefer primes, which I agree do work well on the Pen form factor. And I also like the Pen design when paired with my Zeiss lens.

But the built-in EVF would have advantages and I find it hard to get my eye close and tight to the Pen's EVF.