Early shots from new Nikon P510


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I don't know, Gary, I just haven't had many opportunities to shoot with it yet. It's been either weather, or work, or family responsibilities keeping my finger from the shutter button. I can tell you that the EVF blows some serious chunks, I don't mind the low resolution so much as it's horribly slow to update... the "D Lighting" feature kinda stinks... and not shooting RAW is weird for my workflow.

Oh, and AF seems inconsistent, but it's early on yet in my evaluating.

I'm still working on becoming friends with the camera, from an ergonomics standpoint.

More happily, though, is IMHO ISO 100-400 is quite usable. Nikon's VR is really impressive - I mean, the shot of the cat was 1/2s hand-held, for goodness' sake!

We're in pretty good shape post-Sandy, but there are some folks in my area who are still having issues with FEMA. And it's really quite startling to see how many trees, surviving the storm, have been felled in the succeeding months... makes me a bit sad, actually.

entropic remnants

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Ha ha! The great contradiction of spring: the weather is getting better BUT it's also extremely chaotic. I'm ready for some good days myself!

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