News / Rumor Efforts underway to raise Costa Concordia cruise liner

Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I saw a bit on the news this morning about it. I can't believe that it's been sitting there for 20 months already. I feel like it was less than a year ago. That salvage effort is pretty enormous (I just heard that the salvage operation is costing $500,000,000.00)


Jan 2, 2011
It obviously can't just be left there to rot and pollute, but what I "don't get" is that the cost of the salvage operation alone has been quoted as more than half a billion GBP ... is the scrap value really so much more that it makes it an economic proposition?

Or is it that the public liability insurance of the owners is paying, and the scrap value is only offsetting that a bit ?

Steve Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY
They have been working on his project for many months, getting ready for a one day effort. That is really expensive. From what I've read the expense is to be shared by more than one source. Fascinating, that you can even attempt such a large task. I have it live feeding on the wife's computer (nicer monitor:)).

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