Sony eMount 24mm Zeiss rumored with a 16cm focus distance!


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sonyalpharumors | Blog | (SR4) Possible price of the three new NEX lenses! Zeiss has 16cm minimum focusing distance

Almost $1,000 for that lens (loving my m43 20/1.7 more and more!) but that focus distance is nice!

55-210 at $299
50/1.8 at $349

All rumors, but those last two are nice prices, but not the lenses for me (I prefer a 35mm on a 1.5 crop, and the 55-210 is too slow at the long end). That 24mm lens is going to be a star! I'm an m43 user, so I hope these Sony improvements spur on Oly and Panny.


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If it's going to be $1000 I'll pass. I was hoping for around $600 and might have stretched to $750 but $1000 is ridiculously over-priced. The 24 for the A-mount which is built like a tank and FF is only a little more than this $1250.

The only other APS Sony Zeiss lens (which is not built to the same standard as the FF lenses and is presumably closer in build to this E-mount 24) is the 16-80 which is only $750.

If this is right I can only assume that the lens is aimed at buyers of the NEX-7, not the rest of us. I think I'll be waiting to see what Sigma/Tamron come up with.