Enjoying photography again - thanks to compacts


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For my serious stuff (always trying to be published) I still lug some pretty huge cameras around - hard to compete with Nikon full frame and Nikon glass.
Having said that I've always enjoyed the less is more philosophy - to see the incredible quality from even inexpensive, tiny, cameras. I'm occasionally on radio here in L.A. usually blabbering about photography, and the last time I said something like "you're holding millions of dollars of technology in that $100 digital camera". I thought about it and realized that if I was suddenly thrown back to my teen years in the sixties, I'd be arrested and dissected as an alien if I had my phone, camera or watch with me. Great joy in adapting all sorts of lenses and gadgets to micro 4:3 cams - the original film Pen and Rollei 35 were my daily companions in my N.Y. street shooting years.

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I also carry heavy Nikon equipment around, and yes publication and my Stock House are often in mind; but like you the small cameras have gotten my attention and are renewing the joy of photography for me as well. Welcome to the site.


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G'day GB from Down Under. (y)

Look forward to seeing the eye you apply to the big clunker's VF to the screen (or smaller EVF) of your serious compact. I hope it doesn't sound like more work, but once you've gathered your breathe, then you should consider joining in our Weekly Challenges. They're fun and a great way to witness other's interpretation of the world....I say that with fear of the fresh and more experienced competition of course :blush:

Just kidding this site is more about sharing and nothing about competing.....