Canon EOS-M: Ability Meets Agility

Adam Quek

Oct 5, 2012
Great commercial on the tube. Make you wanna buy one doesn't it?



May 6, 2011
I think that the M "may" be a decent backup for some that have a Canon DSLR and want a small camera that can double as a backup using the adaptor. I can really imagine situations where photographers, even working ones, would choose an M over the size/weight/cost of a second body. Especially if they travel.

But... I've been waffling on about getting the LEA2 for my NEX7 for 6 months so I can use the Alpha lenses I have and still haven't done it. I ended up getting an E-M5 specifically because of the advantages of the native lens system when matched to the smaller body. And now I just leave the Alpha at home with the NEX.

Somehow I just can't see a photographer who puts out the cash for a 70-200 f2.8 is going to use the M as a primary body.


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