Canon EOS M Refurbished Deals through Canon Direct (USA) - Holiday 2017


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Feb 3, 2012
I have comments on Canon's fulfillment/delivery capabilities, but you can't argue on the prices they have for EOS M, especially the M3 with 18-55 and they're still throwing in a free EV-DC1 viewfinder. Last year it was for USD 469, now down to 398 for a Refurbished Kit.

EOS M10 with 15-45 for 328 (free GR-E3 grip)

EOS M3 body-only for 328

EOS M3 with 18-55 for 398 (free EV-DC1 viewfinder)

There are other refurbished M deals, but some are out of stock, and I focused mostly on stuff that seems pretty competitive if you're looking for a compact with Rebel like performance under 400 USD.

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