Micro 4/3 EPM2 in Yosemite National Park


Apr 19, 2013
Tell me more about the last shot, and post more!

I'm hoping I might get a chance to visit Yosemite in November as well, but I am not in charge of the itinerary so I will have to wait and see. I her it's all going up in smoke just now though?
Thanks Heather! Glacier Point, right next to the geology exhibit, is a good vantage point for starry nights in the summer. November might be tough, since they close the glacier point road after the first winter storm. I used an iPhone app called the Photographers Ephemeris to get the moon location. The moon was setting at 10PMish, so it provided just enough light from the west to light Half Dome. Otherwise it's a silhouette (but with more stars). So much of this is just luck, in the sense that it's up to the stars and planets to align, and we get what we get.

This last shot (somewhat unfortunately) is not a compact camera image. I used my 5D3 and 35L, which is a nice combo for starts. I think the results would similar with M43, but FF shows advantages in low light for sure.

With a 35mm equivalent focal length, I start at ISO 1600-3200, f2.8, 13 seconds with the 35L and adjust from there. The 35L has major coma wide open, so I stick to f2.2 or smaller aperture. The Oly 17mm at f1.8 has less coma, and you can edit out the handful of major batwings. Using it wide open isn't an issue, and the snap manual focus to infinity is awesome :)

November should see fall colors in the valley. Some of the very best photos by the pros who live in Yosemite are from late to winter. The crisp sunrises are sublime -- one of my favorite experiences is to go out before sunrise and walk in the meadows by Swinging Bridge and Sentinel Bridge. Then the sun rises and it's just magical!

The west side of Yosemite is affected by the "rim" fire. I hope they get control over of the fire soon. This year it stopped raining/snowing in January essentially, so it's been super dry. Sequoia NP received only 10% of an average snow pack.

I hope you can convince whoever is in charge of the itinerary to stay a couple of nights in Yosemite Valley! Then share photos here so we can all enjoy.


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