Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam


I spent a few days in Rotterdam and took a few shots of the famous Erasmus Bridge ("The Swan"). I'd wanted to do so since I first saw the work of Joel Tjintjelaar (

All of these with a Sigma DP1M:




I am reworking the last one to boost the contrast and balance it better in the frame, but any advice appreciated as this is not my normal kind of work.


Thanks guys.

I would have expected lots of shots of Rotterdam - some very striking architecture around. Cube houses, The Rotterdam Building, Euromast plus the Erasmus bridge.

A version of shot three is now up on my wall at home.


I saw that thread when checking if my type of shots of the bridge had been done to death here. I particularly like the fourth shot, very nice colour to it.

I didn't like the Rotterdam Building either, but it might look better once it fills up. It seemed pretty empty judging by the lack of lights there at night.


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Yes, commercially it's been a bit of a flop. The municipality now plans to use a good bit of the building as office space for its civil servants just to make it less awkward:dash2:... maybe once the economy starts humming again it'll fill up.

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