Excellent 'Cheetah mauled my wife' colour piccies


There's no point carrying a camera if you don't put it to good use !
So top marks to Archibald for his cute piccies of cheetahs mauling his wife Violet.Very impressed that Violet simply refuses to let go of her compact digicam.
Any idea of the make ? Panasonic, Lumix maybe ?
Husband Archibald appears to be equipped with a Canon DSLR ?
Regarding the 'cheetah bites wifes head piccie' obviously everyone wants to ask Archibald the same question. Why, oh why, oh why when the big cat floored your wife did the image stabilisation fail ? :mad:
Never mind, pretty decent bokeh on the ' Cheetah bites wifes neck' piccie.
Of course the biggest tradegy of this sorry story surely concerns Violets mis use of the AE lock which has under exposed poor Archibald and his Canon by at least one stop.

Violet D'Mello mauled by 'tame' cheetahs at holiday safari park | Mail Online


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I have to agree with the posters on the original site who question the logic of humans mixing it up with wild animals like that... and the husband who just kept shooting, apparently unaware that his wife was in trouble. Still, one can't argue with the drama of the images, yes?


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This was obviously staged by the husband to get rid of the digicam, then offload his Canon DSLR to his wife and get a new EM-5 for himself. Just another GAS attack really.

Nice shots though.


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Now I wait patiently for the forum threads about how only a DSLR could have got those shots.....


p.s. as embarrassing as it is, I have actually been attacked by a cheetah trying the same rough play as in the article. Fortunately the end result was no where near as serious.


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Reminds me of a joke - I don't know why

a guy is belting along at 70mph in a 30mph limit being chased by a police car with it's blue lights flashing

eventually the police catch a stop the guy

They get out of the their car and walk up to the guy in the speeding car who winds his window down

The policeman says - "why were you were travelling at 70 mph in a 30mph limit sir" - "don't you know you were speeding, that is a serious offence, what have you to say for yourself"

The guy replies "'I'm sorry officer but my wife left me last month and ran away with a policeman and I thought that you were bringing her back"