Guide EXIF Viewer for forum attachments


Code Monkey 🐒
A new feature is now available for our supporters, an inline EXIF viewer for attachments in the forums. Currently at the bottom of images that have EXIF data a quick list of values is shown. Sometimes though being able to take a quick look at the rest of the EXIF data is useful. You could download the image to your device and then view the EXIF data that way or you could use the nifty new EXIF viewer. 😁

At the bottom of the image where the EXIF data is listed you may see a new "i" icon. The icon is a link that can be clicked.


Clicking on that icon will show a pop-up box with most of the available EXIF data. At the top of the screen will the basic data EXIF data if it is available, like the body make & mode, the lens make & model, the copyright and artist, the software package, and the basics. But if you scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up you will see the actual EXIF data extracted from the image. If the tree view is not already expanded, clicking on any of the arrows will expand that section of the data.


Some questions that might come up...

Q: How come images don't show any EXIF data at the bottom and the viewer icon isn't shown?
A: If no EXIF at all is found then there is nothing to display.
Q: Some images don't show EXIF data at the bottom but viewer icon is shown?
A: It means that none of the basic data, like make & model, was found, but something was found. Clicking on the viewer will reveal it.
Q: If I download the image and take a look there are some sections not shown in the viewer, like GPS. How come?
A: The GPS data may be in some images but at the moment we're not going to make it that easy to view. When displaying the data at the bottom of the pop-up the GPS section, if it is there, is removed before showing the rest of the data on the screen.
Q: Nifty, but can you change it to do..... ?
A: Maybe, depends on what's on your mind. ;) Depending on what you're thinking it may be easy to do or it may be something for the future To Do Wish List.

Thanks to our moderators team for helping me to test this one out. 👍


Code Monkey 🐒
The JSON view is not unpleasant 🤓
I was debating myself internally about whether it'd better to loop through the arrays and show a table with the key/value pairs or to present the array as-is with no formatting so that members can see that the value is really what was found. I went with the latter. :D

I just did an update that displays a bit more info, like light source and flash if either are present. Now at the very bottom I'm also showing the array with the formatted values that are used for display at the bottom of the images. When the camera make/model is displayed at the bottom of the image I try to show a nicely formatted as possible value that takes into account the make and model values combined, the same with the other basic stats shown at the bottom. Now if somebody is wondering where did a certain value come from it's easy to see the original found value versus the formatted for display value.