Expect improvement on new Enthusiast compacts with Sony sensors 1/1.7"

Naveed Akhtar

Dec 8, 2011
London, UK
Sony Global - CX-NEWS Vol.69

Check this link guys, was also posted on DPR but the most notable impressive specs of the new sensor are:

- Vast Improvement in Picture Quality (DR and Lower noise) with 1.9 times the saturation signal level
- Larger pixel (1.85 µm) size + better light collecting characteristics have vastly increased incident light angle (oblique angles) characteristics
- Offers greater optical design freedom and can cope with brighter lenses and high power zoom lenses
- High speed with 12.40M-pixel imaging at approx. 35 frame/s
- reduce power consumption by about 34%
- 4K and Many Other Shooting Modes

Can't wait to see how its implemented in XZ-2 and P7700


Hall of Famer
Jul 3, 2010
Sounds promising for the possibility of making our fast lenses smaller.

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