Expired Velvia 100F, any tips?


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Dublin, Ireland
Today I was searching for food in my fridge :D and suddenly found 2 rolls of Velvia 100F that I bought several years ago for a photo project that was never completed. The problem is, it expired 2 years ago. Since it was stored in a fridge, it's probably ok, but I was wondering if I should shoot it normally or slightly alter the exposure? I remember reading somewhere that it's better to overexpose an expired film, is it true?

I will be grateful for any tips.


Shooting with film that is out of date can return very interesting results. A long time ago I shot my wife with Ektachrome 64 that was 5 years out of date. I processed the film at a slightly higher temperature for compensation. I ended up with slides that were slightly brown and they looked timeless. They were the best pictures I had of my wife up to that point. Today I can easily reproduce that in Photoshop but back then it wasn't so easy.

So just enjoy shooting with then and let the magic of chance take over.